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Viadesk has acquired WorkVoices.

Read our press release here (English) or here (Dutch)   

“WorkVoices is a social platform for all information and updates employees need to know”

“WorkVoices is a social platform for all information and updates employees need to know”

  • Build your own WorkSpace

    Set up in minutes, it’s free, it’s simple and boosts your productivity to new heights.

  • Plug into the tools you already use

    Think of it as a layer on top of what you’re using right now, add the drag n’ drop widgets and integrate the experience.

  • New project? New WorkSpace!

    A new client, trip, project or party for that matter? Name it, add folders and invite the people involved.

  • Use as your corporate intranet

    Use WorkVoices for capturing, sharing and using organizational knowledge. Be the change in your company.

Compatible with the services you use

  • Google Apps

  • Dropbox

  • LinkedIn

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  • It’s flexible

    Use our widgetized pages to easily populate them with the collaboration,apps and content you or your company needs.

  • Nothing to install or to maintain

    Setting up a workspace or intranet has never so easy. No installation and no hosting troubles, just signup and go

  • Top notch support team

    We listen to our users who give us our best ideas. Let us know what you need from us, we’re here to help!

  • Secure worldwide access at anytime

    Hosted on secure servers you only need a browser or the mobile apps to access your WorkSpace and your work on the road.

  • Risk free, free version available!

    We have a free version available! We offer a low monthly fees for teams and organizations who want the full package

  • We love making work more easy

    Working seamlessly with the people you work with across multiple channels, platforms and devices