Productive people use Google Apps on steroids, and here’s how

More and more companies are turning to Google Apps as their office tools of choice, and why not? With ever improving and automatically updating free tools that are replacing Word with Google Docs, Excel with Spreadsheets, and even Visio (with Google Drawing), having your team use the Google apps collaboration features just seems like the next logical step. So if you want to start your power-using of Google Apps, here’s what you need to know:

Google Apps collaboration features are awesome

Collaborating with your team directly on Google Docs is one of the strongest features Google offers. You can see all the other team members who are working on the same file like in the example below. If they don’t have a profile picture, you’ll see the first letter of their name. Google Apps on WorkVoices The Google Apps collaboration features mean that you can comment on any document, and these comments are immediately seen by anyone who is viewing the document at the same time. You can open a real-time chat window, and you can even see where in the document people are, and what they are doing. And if someone does changes to the document that you don’t approve of – you can see the revision history, and change it back to the right version. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a stunning example of what can be done using nothing but Google Docs.

You can see all your Google Apps on WorkVoices

It isn’t for nothing that we decided to go with Google Docs first. We know that it is one of the more popular office services that our users have, and we wanted to make it as easy as possible for everyone to find and use their Google Docs inside WorkVoices right off the bat. Looking for your email or calendar? It’s right there. Need to drive to a client? Google Maps is ready. Want to fire up a new document or spreadsheet? Well, you already know the answer to that one :) Google Apps on WorkVoices WorkVoices is where you start your work day, and catch up with the daily tasks and news. Google Apps are where you make those tasks happen, and turn the news into activities. Because making your work life easier is what we are all about.

You can access all your team Google Apps documents easily

And that’s not all – in WorkVoices there’s an entire section devoted to your latest Google documents. Looking for that price quote you started on yesterday? Or maybe that important presentation that you need to get done as quickly as possible? Just click the document, and you are good to go! Haven’t signed up yet? Get started with your very own workspace on WorkVoices today!