Creating a personalized online Social Platform has never been more easy


   Startpage of your work

Customizable  startpage
  • By drag and drop create your startpage of your work
  • Add widgets like feeds, news, applications, bookmarks and user lists
  • Save your page as base template for your team, function or department
  • Invite others and let them use your shared page

  • Add news that matters to you

    You can get the latest news using RSS feeds, a simple way to keep up with the news on the internet, or your organization with the subjects that matter most to you.

  • Add your news from a website or intranet
  • Select the number of items you like to show
  • Show pictures and date posted
  • News example startpage

    Bookmarks startpage

    Available links, shared with everyone

    WorkVoices offers you the possibility to add your favorite bookmarks and share them with your collegues.
  • Add your favorite bookmarks
  • Share them as read only for your collegues
  • or make it a shared list everyone can change

  • Getting your files and folders

    Select the files you need from your favorite cloud storage.

  • Connect your cloud storage (Google Drive or Dropbox)
  • Select the folder you like to show in this page
  • Attach your Google Drive Documents

    Community startpage

    Activity feeds

    Connect the feeds you need from our community
  • Communicate with your collegues
  • Add attachments, video’s or images
  • Configure your feed the way you like it

       Social Networking

    Social Network Community

    We offer a wide set of features to help your organization, community and your team get work done.

    Working in Groups and events

  • Creating open or closed groups and events
  • Sharing files and (Google) folders
  • Give read and write access to followers or members
  • Creating meaningful conversations

  • Post your idea’s and questions
  • Sharing files, pictures and video’s
  • Sharing and @mention users or external contacts from you CRM
  • Real time chat, who is online now
  • Private messaging
  • Broadcast messages to all users

  • Working on documents together

  • Adding files to posts
  • Attach Dropbox or Google Drive documents
  • Show all files posted
  • Attach Google Folders to a group
  • Sharing knowledge

  • Import your profile with LinkedIN
  • Add education, projects and experiences
  • Tag your profile and that of others
  • User directory

  • Integrated

  • Connected to LinkedIN
  • Importing Twitter feeds
  • Sharing Dropbox or Drive Files
  • Widgets available for Intranet sites
  • Admin and security

  • Private URL possible
  • On premise hosting
  • Connected to user database
  • Whitelabel configured
  • Branded, colors and logo
  • Google Analytics

  • Mobile

    WorkVoices is also available on iPhone and Android